Sports betting can be challenging, yet there are plenty of people who are permanently winning, some even make a full time living from it.

Winning at sports betting comes down to your betting strategy and know how. In this post we are going to share our simple winning strategy with you. In it you will find expert, tips, and tricks, to help you become a better sports better.

Becoming a profitable sports better all comes down to following a simple strategy. A good strategy consists of several simple and easy to follow steps. Following these steps ever time you bet can help you win more money more often. Bettors who do not follow a strategy are simply gamblers and these are the sort of people that casinos and book makers love, as they make all of their profits off them. Simply follow these 9 steps and you will be on your way to making your dreams come true.

Step 1:
Create a betting budget.

When betting on sports you must always pre allocate a specific budget for yourself, this is known as your “bankroll”. It is very important that you can afford to lose the money you put in to your bankroll. When betting on sports or any other type of gambling you never want to be betting with money that you don’t have or can’t afford to lose. A good idea is to set aside a monthly fund of money that is specifically intended for betting with and that you can comfortably afford to lose. It does not matter how little or how big this amount is. The only important thing is that you can afford to lose it.

Step 2:
Never bet your whole bankroll.

Once you start placing bets, you should never bet more then 5% of the value of your bankroll in a single bet. A good rule to follow is the best between 1% to 5%. For example if your bankroll is $100 only bet between $1 and $5 per bet.

Step 3:
Never chase your losses.

The biggest mistake people make is to try and recover from a loss by placing bigger bets after losing. Don’t feel like you have to bet bigger to recover what you lost on one bet. Do not let a loss make you break the rule of not betting more then 1% to 5% of your budget. All that will come from increasing bets after losing is to lose even more money, quicker.

Step 4:
Start Small.

Work with your bankroll, stick to the rules and increase your bankroll slowly by placing small bets with in your budget. If you stick to this you will gradually build your bankroll up over time.

Step 5:
Always bet sober.

As obvious as this might seem, many people place bets while intoxicated. It is no accident that most casinos give players free drinks all night long. Being drunk gives you a false sense of confidence and subtracts from your ability to make informed and educated betting decisions. By all means, have a drink or two after the game to celebrate your win – not before!

Step 6:
Don’t take things personally.

Don’t let your emotions get involved in your betting, or as poker players would say, “Don’t Go on Tilt”. Letting your emotions take over your betting strategy will lead to you making bad decisions and losing money. If you are upset or angry, as a result of a few bad bets, you should rather stop playing. Just have a break, go for a walk, clear your mind, and get into a better frame of mind before you place any more bets.

Step 7:
Be informed.

Possibly the most important step in any good betting strategy.
Always do your research, and bet on sports and teams that you know very well. If you really want to make money out of sports betting you have to put in the hard work, and do research for every bet that you place. The best advice is to dig as deep as possible. Study statistics, identify trends, analyse past games, and read everything you can find online about a specific game. In short do everything you possibly can to make the best sessions on who to bet on.

Step 8:
Have options.

An important part of sports is to ensure that you are always searching for the best offer on a bet. Also known as “shopping the lines”, the best way to do this is to create multiple accounts with various online sports betting companies. When it comes time to place a bet visit each company and compare their offers available for that day to make sure you are getting the best deal. An easy way to do this is to use listing services such as African Sport Bets as we independently gather and verify all of the information and details about each and every sports betting company in Africa.

Step 9:
Don’t be a sucker.

It’s easy to get tricked into placing a weak beat, so don’t be a sucker. You should stay clear from placing bets on favourites down or underdogs up. Trust us, sports betting companies are smart enough to charge more into these useless bets, mathematically making it a really bad strategy for you, as there is next-to-nothing to be won.

In addition the internet is full of scammer who will try and rope you into some bad bet or dangerous site. So please use common sense, if something looks to good to be true then it probably is.

When it comes down to finding companies to sign up to always start searching on a reliable directory such as African Sport Bets, as all of our listings are independently verified and reviewed to ensure your safety.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to become a world class sports better. All you need to do is follow these 9 steps and you will have nothing to worry about. What are you waiting for?Start making your dreams come true!

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