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Issues related to delayed or missing payment information are often the most common issues among players. Often, when raising a concern as to the whereabouts of your money directly with the bookmaker can prove to be complicated and unsuccessful. Processing single payments can often take a long time due to the number of people involved across various different departments, ranging from technical right through to payments. In many instances, the delay in payment is as a result of another issue such as bonus requests, missing identity or verification documents, or in the case of African bookmakers, technical issues experienced by mobile networks and payment providers.

Identification of problem:

If your payment still has not been processed in the times as specified in the Terms and Conditions, there may be a problem.

Before submitting a complaint:

Make sure you have determined the reason for the issue or delay. Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) which might assist you in identifying the problems. If you are still unable to determine the cause, please submit a complaint below.

Frequently asked questions and possible solutions

It is often best to contact the sports betting customer support or payment department as they will be able to identify the reason and give you an explanation in terms of why your deposit has not yet been credited into your account.

Almost all online sports betting and casino sites in Africa require some form of identification from you in order to process your request. More often than not, this is a once off verification before you are able to process a deposit or request a withdrawal. This is a relatively simple task and can be completed in minutes. Make sure you check the terms and conditions with regard to verification as it may be causing a delay with your payment. By doing so, you also safeguard yourself and ensure that no one else is able to access your money but you.

When it comes to funding your online sports betting account, bookmakers and Casino’s in Africa are extremely cautious as there have been many documented cases of fraudulent deposits via credit card or mobile money accounts that customers were not authorized to use. It is often best to deposit from your own bank account or credit card so as not to cause any confusion for the bookmaker, and ultimately ensuring that your request is processed instantly.

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