Unlike most other forms of gaming, sports betting is not a straight forward luck of the draw game.

If don correctly you have a really good chance of turning a profit and not loosing your money.  There are actually plenty of people who have become so good at sports betting they have been able to turn it into their full time job.

Winning at sports betting is very simple and easy if you know how and are committed enough. In fact it is so easy their are only three steps you need to follow. Master these three steps and you could be on your way to earning a living from sports betting.

Without waisting any more time here is are our three steps to winning at sports betting.

Step 1:


The key is to have a well conceived plan of action before placing a bet. To do this you need a sports betting strategy. We recommend that your strategy includes; your betting budget, basic rule of betting, knowing what you are going to bet on, knowing how to find the best offer on a bet, and most importantly how not to get caught out on scam betting sites. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, luckily for you we have already created a basic and comprehensive sports betting strategy, which you have study here. {9 Step Basic sports betting strategies for beginner bettors}

Step 2.


This has already been covered in the basic strategy, however, we can’t stress enough how important it is to know your stuff when it comes to sports betting. This means you should only bet on sports you know and understand very well, and teams you have spent time researching. When it comes to Sports Betting, you can never have too much information. A bad strategy is to let your bets be decided on your personal preferences. Bet on facts, knowledge, insights, and statistics. Don’t take betting personally, rather treat it like a work assignment. If you do this you will be guaranteed to start making money and win more bets. Research should not just be limited to the teams you are betting on, you also need to compare and research the actual sports betting companies to always ensure that you are getting the best deal on a bet. A great way to do this is to use a local sports betting or casino directory that independently lists and verifies companies. The best example of this if you are in Africa is to use African Sport Bets, to see what companied are available locally to you, and what there offers are.

Step 3.

Don’t be an idiot.

Having a solid strategy and knowing  your game are all vital when it it comes to winning. However having these to steps means nothing if you act like a idiot and do silly things. Acting like an idiot can sadly take many forms, the main ones to avoid at all costs are; betting while intoxicated, placing bets based on personal emotions, chasing a loss, getting angry, following your mother in laws advise, and just about any other idiot thing you can think of.

In conclusion your surest strategy to win at sports betting is to just keep it simple, play it safe, stick to the strategy and start small. If you get all of these right 90% of the time you will defiantly become a winner.

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