Africa is one of the worlds biggest emerging markets, it is also of the worlds fastest evolving ones.

This can seen in the vast growth rate of new people connected to the internet in the last several years.

Now more then ever more people in Africa have access to the internet and this is resulting in the entire retail climate evolving. One of industries that has seen the biggest evolution is online gaming, more specifically online sports betting.

Sports betting has long been a extremely popular past time in Africa with millions of people per year flooding to thousands of sports betting stores across their cities to place bets on their favourite teams. Now that Africa is more connect then ever this tradition is fast moving online. Dozens of major sports betting companies have developed online platforms in the resent years, with more doing so each month. While this has been great it has left a void of information for the consumer. With this industry being so new, finding the right information is often not so easy to come by. Even more so knowing which companies to trust your hard earned money to is even more of a question.

That is until now, African Sport Bets is the first comprehensive online sports betting directory in Africa.

The site has been designed and built from the ground up to be entered around you the user. African Sport Bets provides you with a detailed list of the best online gaming available in your specific country. The best part is that all of our listings are independent verified to ensure that all the facts are correct and legitimate. We also list all relevant information that any serious better needs to know before placing a bet, this includes, deposit and withdrawal information, currencies, owner information and so much more. The best part is, all listing are reviewed and rated by you. This means the quality of the listings is forever improving.

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